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Facebook and Instagram Drive Traffic to Websites.

We are currently living in a digital world. Most small businesses operate on a physical shop for local customers. What they don’t realise is that this traditional model limits them from exposing themselves to massive audiences online, whether it be local, nationally or worldwide. Your business can’t afford to make this mistake in limiting potential customers and profit.

Successful businesses move with technology trends to maintain their business position. You can move with these advancements or be left behind and risk losing customers.

Facebook and Instagram have become very popular social media platforms for businesses. It is essential for small businesses to have at least one social media platform as part of their business strategy.  In my Web Design + Social Media Package, I am offering my services in Facebook and Instagram to build up your brand name and drive traffic to your online shop– your website.

Can Instagram help promote your website business? 

INSTAGRAM for business –  A Visual story-telling platform to promote your brand name and drive traffic to your website

Five years ago, no one knew what Instagram was. Now it is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet that many businesses are using.

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FACEBOOK business page – A community-based social platform that offers business pages. Great platform to advertise your business. Again, another traffic driving platform…Not to be confused with an actual website

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