How to increase website traffic using Instagram

Instagram is an excellent and cheap platform to build your brand name and get more traffic to your website.

Currently, Instagram is growing 5 times faster than other social media.  It has 600+ million active monthly users and 400+ million daily active users.  If that is not good enough reason to integrate this social media platform with your website then look at other big brand names such as Adias, LV, National Geographic and Airbnb as great examples to follow.

Seven Instagram Tips For Business:

  1. Be creative
  2. Use Instagram story to launch new product/service
  3. Convert traffic to your website by creating a winning profile
  4. Use hashtag to build your brand name and increase more likes
  5. Show behind the scene culture of your business
  6. Post interesting quality pictures and engage with other influencers within your niche market.
  7. Watermark your posts to advertise your business

es!  I am interested to add Instagram to my website